Mavericks Jason Terry can start a fire with the word “Spurs”

3/19/12 in NBA   |   SamuelWhale   |   589 respect

News from Jason Terry is not well received from the fans of San Antonio Spurs. Terry, who plays as a guard for the Dallas Mavericks, never shies away from an opportunity to add fuel to the fire. His constant verbal shots at the Spurs and hatred for Spurs’ fans has turned him into an unpopular figure at San Antonio.
One can always expect Terry to create reason for controversy whenever the Spurs-Mavs rivalry comes into play. Terry performed well on Saturday night as the Mavericks won their third consecutive game by defeating Spurs with the final score board showing 106-99.
The thrilling encounter also showcased the debut of Stephen Jackson, who will once again adorn the black and silver uniform. Jackson was signed in by trading off Richard Jefferson Jackson from the Golden State Warriors.
The 31-year-old small forward used to play for Spurs but has decided to change allegiance in hopes of acquiring more first team action. Terry reckons that he would have made the trade too.
“I think that's what they needed, they wanted to get Jefferson out of there. If you can get Stephen Jackson for Richard Jefferson, I would have did it, too. And he's a Wildcat. So that was a no-brainer,” Terry said.
“He won his championship with them (in 2003), so he's very confident over there on their team, and he's a tough competitor.”
Terry, who scored 17 points in the game, also extolled Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle on signing Jefferson.
“I understand the reasons they did it. Jackson's all-around playing ability is tremendous and he has experience in their system so they're comfortable with him. I'm sure he'll play great.”
Spurs’ fans will probably be bewildered by Terry’s unusual comments. Looks like Terry decided to have a break from initiating a verbal-boxing contest.
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