Mavs owner takes a swipe at Lakers fans

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Mark Cuban wasn’t lost for words to point out the Los Angeles Lakers losing season after they were touted as the strongest title contending team up-against reigning NBA champions. The Dallas Mavericks owner just a fight back from the battle bruised Los Angeles Lakers. So, Mark Cuban decided to take a shot at the feisty and dreamy Los Angeles Lakers fans who’ve given him more of a fight over ribbing the Lakers.
"I've said enough about the Lakers," said Mark Cuban with an evil Sith Lord kind of grin. "Let's just say that when you say something bad about the Lakers, you get a ton of Twitter threats, so it's just not worth it.”
“There is just more Twitter courage in Southern California than probably any other part of the world,” said Mark Cuban, before later adding, “I'm not suggesting it's all Lakers fans. It's just most."
Mark Cuban has never been shy of initiating a verbal fight and has wrestled with the likes of former Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal and coach Phil Jackson, so his frequent jabs at the franchise are old news. The 54-year-old billionaire’s strife with the Los Angeles Lakers fans have also been ongoing throughout the year.
During a September news conference to announce the taking over of the new-ownership, Mark Cuban deemed the Los Angeles Lakers’ offseason acquisition of center Dwight Howard and point guard Steve Nash as insignificant given their history of another non-rewarding high-profile pair addition of Karl Malone and Gary Payton ahead of the 2003-2004 season. Mark Cuban added that a championship contending team must boast great chemistry and he doubted whether all of the Los Angeles Lakers players “wanted to be there.”
Prior to the Dallas Mavericks season-opening win at Staples Center, Mark Cuban had his mind expressively made over his rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, his opinions on the subject were much more concise back then.
"I don't know, I don't care, I just hope they suck,” said Mark Cuban. “You know, like any other team."
And after the Los Angeles Lakers sacked Mike Brown just five games into the season Mark Cuban remained hopeful that “"it was a huge mistake and they continue to make them."
Maybe finally tired of taking uncontested jabs at the Los Angeles Lakers, Mark Cuban didn’t want to bore himself by adding another series of insults to Lakers’ performance after their latest lost.
"Cut and paste what I said before," Mark Cuban stated on the Los Angeles Lakers’ standings despite carrying one of the most star-studded roster in the Western Conference. "It hasn't changed."
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and they just crushed the Mavs by 26... if the Lakers suck ... what does it say about his team?