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Melanie Adams: We're Afraid Allison Stokke Has Some Very Stiff Pole-Vaulting Competition

3/18/08 in Track and Field   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

We love Allison Stokke very much, but we're afraid she's been vaulted over by a very, very hot and ambitious Aussie named Melanie Adams.

While Miss Stokke has tried to shy away from any notoriety outside of sports, Melanie aspires to be Miss Universe. You've got to like a girl who sets the bar for herself really, really high. And you know what, it's certainly attainable.

Here's more evidence.

Wait, there's more. Wonder Woman, indeed.

Oh, right. I suppose we should ask if she's any good at her athletic trade? Not bad, in fact, and here's a picture confirming she's actually an athlete.

She's just 20, has won two national under-age titles and is currently targeting the 2010 Commonwealth Games (tickets available!) with the hope of a 2012 London Olympics. Translation: good enough to post about her.

Step aside Allison, Melanie is the new hotness ... judgment pending on the next Stokke photo making it's way to the eBays.
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looks good

3/19/08   |   fahvra

id like to see her vault off my pole.

3/19/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Normally I'd say stay with Stokke, but you've gotta love a potential Miss Universe. 


It goes without saying that Miss Universe is higher on the scale than Miss Pac-10.


Not like either of them would be a poor choice.


Universe > Pac 10

3/18/08   |   Chachi_Azzhola   |   2 respect

Janse wrote:

Looks like some people come to the Q.

Got to love the comment from the poster named "Tim" on that site who wrote, "

If you're like me, uou want to see her dresses as Wonder Woman and you want to see her butt. Click the FanIQ link. Voila.
 That's certainly the reason ol' Chachi here comes to the FAnIQ: to see Wonder Woman and see some butt.

3/18/08   |   Janse

Looks like some people come to the Q.

3/18/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

3, 2, 1.


Huuuhhhhuuh he said stiff. huhhhhhuuuhh.


(Look someone was going to do it, let us just get it out of the way.)

3/18/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4215 respect

Ahh yes... very stiff.  I'll still take Stokke.