Melky Cabrera's week just went from bad to worse

The phony get phonier

8/19/12 in MLB   |   Scott   |   53588 respect

Blog Photo - The phony get phonierAs if being suspended for 50 games for testing positive for a    banned substance wasn't bad enough, the NY Daily News has uncovered a plot designed by Cabrera and his camp that makes the situation even worse.

   It seems one of Cabrera's associates, Juan Nunez, forked over $10,000 to buy a phony website in an attempt to prove that Cabrera inadvertently took the banned substance.  According to Seth and Sam Levinson, Cabrera's agents, Nunez is a paid consultant, not an actually employee, of their firm and that he was hired to help obtain and deal with their Dominican clients.  The idea behind the website was to lay a foundation and rely on a clause in the current collective bargaining agreement that allows a player that tested positive to attempt to prove he ingested a banned substance through no fault of his own.  The camp was obviously hoping to repeat the success Ryan Braun had had earlier this year when he had his 50 game ban overturned by Major League Baseball's appeals process.  This time however, Major League Baseball's league of investigations saw right through the ruse and discovered that an existing website had been altered by adding an ad for a product that didn't exist.  The presentation failed miserably and as we all know now, the league officially charged Cabrera with a doping violation that resulted in a 50 game suspension.

Yesterday, Juan Nunez came out and accepted full responsibility for this latest development, something I'm betting all of us don't believe.  Regardless, an ugly situation just got much worse for Melky Cabrera.  In the span of 5 days, Cabrera has gone from one of baseball's best hitters to a cheater and now manipulator.  To make things worse, Cabrera passed up a chance to sign an extension with the Giants for next season, choosing to wait until the end of the baseball year to discuss a contract.  Now, scheduled to become a free agent at the end of the 2012 season, Cabrera has seen himself go from the penthouse to the outhouse in terms of cashing in this off season.
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8/20/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

I know I'm supposed to clutch my pearls and bemoan this, but I just find it funny. Points to Cabrera for originality.

8/20/12   |   Wards_Page   |   248 respect

The whole free agency thing is poetic justice at its finest. Baseball doesn't need to throw him out of the game because, really, who's going to want him anyway?

8/20/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

Just can't see justification for calling him a "cheater".   A substance abuser doesn't make him a cheater.  Hopefully he would learn his lesson and I, as a fan, would welcome him back to the fold.  The fake website thing gives me pause.  Not saying it's enough to cause me to not want him back...  But I'm not as ready to bring him back either.   Hmmm.....