Melo Getting His Knee Drained

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Blog Photo - Melo Getting His Knee Drained

In his first return to Denver since being traded, Carmelo Anthony’s Knicks not only lost, but they lost him to an injury in the 3rd quarter.  Melo only played 21 minutes and went 3 for 12 before he had to be taken out of the game. 
"It started stiffening up," Anthony said.  "There were some movements I couldn't make. Moving laterally, I didn't feel like I had any pop, any power. So I tried it in the second half, coming back after halftime, and I couldn't move out there. I'm going to get it drained, get the fluid out, get to the bottom of it quickly so I can get back on the court."
Melo’s teammate, Marcus Camby, believes that Anthony wouldn’t have even played in the game had it not been against Denver.  "He's out there hobbling in the Golden State game," said Camby.  "And tonight he was hobbling up and down the court. Being in this altitude didn't help either. We only play here once. He got the [return] game over with. When he comes back next season he can just relax and play the ballgame."                              
Next season, however, will have its own set of worries.  As of today, the Knicks now face the question of whether or not they can survive without their three horses:  Amar'e Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, and Carmelo Anthony. 
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