Melo Must Go

Why the Knicks Will Never Win the Championship With Carmelo Anthony

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Go ahead and add Carmelo Anthony’s name to the list of “NBA Superstars Who Have Never Won a Ring.”  The go-to-scorer for the New York Knicks is the reincarnation of Charles Barkley in more ways than one.  Melo, much like Barkley, can take it up strong, rebound in traffic, and will never hold up the Larry O’Brien trophy. 
Don’t get me wrong; no one is disputing the greatness of Carmelo Anthony.   
Every GM in the league would give Carmelo Anthony the max contract without thinking twice.  He’s a franchise player.  He’s the type of player that you can actually build around. 
Unfortunately, he’s the type of player you can only put role players around.  With the exception of the ’04 Pistons, who fit like two peas in a pod, the ingredients to win a NBA championship require two or three superstars.  And as the New York Knicks are quickly beginning to realize, Carmelo cannot play with other superstars. 
Melo’s game is predicated on holding the ball for long durations of time.  As a result, the ball completely stops moving.  For all-star talents like Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler, they need the ball to be swung from side to side or on pick and rolls in order to be fully engaged in the offense.  Rebounding Carmelo’s misses and the indiscriminate 3’s that J.R. Smith continues to launch up, are not enough to get the max out of their all-star front court.
In the past twenty years, Carmelo Anthony has the worst winning percentage for playoff games (.313).  A percentage that is even lower after tonight’s debacle against the Miami Heat. 
The New York Knicks now have 13 consecutive playoff losses and that losing streak will only continue if the roster remains in tact next year.  The Knicks must either trade the untradeable Amare Stoudemire and put overachieving role players around Melo.  Or they must get rid of Melo for the kind of superstar that can maximize the potential of their all star front court. 
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