Melo Takes Jab at Disappointed Fan

1/1/14 in NBA   |   fvittorini   |   8 respect

Blog Photo - Melo Takes Jab at Disappointed Fan

Oh the wonders of Twitter. The ability to express your frustrations towards a player and then actually have a shot at them responding back. Well that is exactly what happened to (former?) Carmelo Anthony Fan @__Kingsleyy5, when he expressed his disappointment in Melo never winning a ring, to Melo.

To be quite honest what this guy said was not all that bad. I have seen much worse ... but sometimes it is the little thing that hits the right button that makes a person respond the way Melo did.

And what is it about Athletes always calling out the FATTIES on Twitter. Leave the FATTIES alone, not sure you are the one MELO ROLLS to be calling anyone "glazed donut faced ass." How's La La doing?
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