Memphis Grizzlies ink in Gilbert Arenas in a one year contract.

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Gilbert Arenas the former All-Star guard has officially become a part of the Memphis Grizzlies. Gilbert Arenas was waived by Orlando Magic and was a free agent until the 20th of March, when he signed the papers to officially make him a part of the Memphis Grizzlies.
David Aldridge from TNT tweeted that Gilbert Arenas and the Memphis Grizzlies have come to terms on a one year deal.
Gilbert Arenas officially signed by Grizzlies for one year minimum deal...
Ronald Tillery was the first man to report this news and said that Gilbert Arenas had in fact worked out the kinks and had made a final deal with the Memphis Grizzlies to sign the player for the season.
The fact of the matter is that Gilbert Arenas has developed almost no keen interest in the NBA world this year and had been working hard for some time now to return to his former shape. It has also been confirmed that Gilbert Arenas was on the same platelet-rich plasma injections for his knee issue that Kobe Bryant used.
It seems that Gilbert Arenas hard work and dedication have finally paid off as it was reported by Tillery that Gilbert Arenas was in good shape for the Memphis Grizzlies work out.
Tillery also said:
Arenas appeared slender and shot the ball well during the workout. He is scheduled to take a physical this afternoon. All that would remain is for Arenas to pass the physical and agree to a prorated veteran’s minimum contract requiring the Griz to pay about $300,000.”
The fact is the Memphis Grizzlies need Gilbert Arenas right now as both the rookies, namely Josh Selby and Jeremy Pargo have not panned out as planned to be adequate backups for Mike Conley.
Right now it seems that if Gilbert Arenas manages to average 5.4 assists and a 21.2 points average then he will be a remarkable signing for the Grizzlies and if Gilbert Arenas does not measure up, then he can always be let go at the end of the season.
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