Memphis TV Station Has Live Camera Feed Of Memphis Atheltic Offices For John Calipari Story

Memphis TV Stations Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty In Regards To The Calipari Story

3/30/09 in NCAABB   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

There must be much less to do in Memphis than I ever imagined, because the rumor that John Calipari might leave for Kentucky is becoming pretty much the only thing that anyone is reporting on in the city. And, just to take it up one even more ridiculous notch, a Fox TV station in Memphis is providing a live camera feed on its site of, well, nothing.

Actually, it's not exactly nothing, it's apparently an exterior shot of the University of Memphis Athletic Office. That way you - yes YOU - can be the first person to see Calipari exit the building. OMG!

My only question is what if Calipari walks out of the screen, or perhaps goes out another door? Then all of Fox's attempts are in vain. At least I got a chance to see those pretty blue flowers though.

Maybe they should just put a camera outside Calipari's house, or better yet, ask Calipari if he'd actually wear a camera on himself 24 hours a day.

I'd think Coach Cal would be totally down with that, since it'd likely help with recruiting.

Memphis TV stations have this John Calipari thing covered. [The Dagger]
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3/31/09   |   mescayyad

Im just so sick to da stomach rite now

3/30/09   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

He's out somewhere walkin' with his feet 10 feet off a beale.

3/30/09   |   ntimid8


Check out the breaking news at 10 tonight on Fox Memphis

A news camera was stolen today outside the Athletic Dept of the Uof Memphis. No leads as the thief approached the camera from behind and unplugged it. If you have information Fox News is offering a reward of 10 kegs of your choice. Call 444-NEWS with info.

You mean a case of 40's.....that's pronounced,  fo-tees

3/30/09   |   DigitalSquire   |   1 respect

Exactly ... i need to get tons of plastic surgery and read off a teleprompter for wads of cash.

3/30/09   |   drn0iswatr   |   731 respect

 I so have the wrong job - I need to get paid to point a camera at nothing....

3/30/09   |   DigitalSquire   |   1 respect

Calipari Cam ... watch him text recruits until 1 am.