Men's Olympic Basketball Team Finalized

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Blog Photo - Men's Olympic Basketball Team Finalized

The Men’s USA Olympic Team was finally compiled this past weekend with a 12-man roster that included:
Backcourt                                                            Frontcourt
Chris Paul                                                             Kevin Durant
Deron Williams                                                     Lebron James
James Harden                                                      Carmelo Anthony
Kobe Bryant                                                          Blake Griffin   
Russell Westbrook                                                Kevin Love 
Andre Iguodala                                                     Tyson Chandler
The final three cuts to the Olympic team included:  Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon, and Rudy Gay.  Lebron believes that, “there wasn’t a guy, one through 15, who you couldn’t see making this team.  It’s too bad we have to cut at all.  I wish there was a way you could take all 15 guys on this trip and have everybody get a chance to experience this process and how special it can be.”
The Olympic rules only allow for a 12-man roster though; a roster that currently only has 1 seven-footer.  As of right now, Coach K believes that the undersized Blake Griffin and Kevin Love will play 5 for Team USA.   Love, however, says,
               “The fact that we have KD, whose 6-11, we have LeBron who is powerful who can basically play all five   
               positions, we have Carmelo that can flat-out sore. We have other guys that can play big from the
               small forward and even the shooting guard position.  We have guys that are interchangeable, guys that   
               aren’t limited to just one position.  And I feel like that versatility throughout the whole team is what’s
               going to help us thrive throughout this competition.”
The team is very aware that they have some glaring weaknesses and aren’t taking the Olympics lightly by any means.  Kobe Bryant said, “This is a great challenge for us.  The rest of the world feels the gap has shorted and they feel they can beat us.  We know we’re representing and come Olympic time we’re going to bring back the gold medal to the U.S.”
Versatility will be key for a team that lacks size in the frontcourt, but look for the US Team to bring home the gold once again.  They have the depth, the experience, the youth, and the athleticism to contend with anyone.
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I'm very happy to see the final roster, this is our dream team!