Messi backs Mourinho for success at Chelsea, hopes to strike partnership with Neymar

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Blog Photo - Messi backs Mourinho for success at Chelsea, hopes to strike partnership with Neymar
The new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has received warm wishes for a successful second spell at Stamford Bridge from an unlikely source. Barcelona star Lionel Messi wished the Portuguese tactician all of the best for his endeavors with the Blues.
The former Real Madrid manager, who claims he is “The Happy One” these days, has told Chelsea fans that he is one of them. This means Jose Mourinho is expected to stay at Chelsea for a long period this time.
Lionel Messi, who is caught up in a tax fraud investigation, believes Jose Mourinho raises the level of competition wherever he travels to. The four-time Ballon d’Or winner claims La Liga will be just as fierce as ever after the departure of Jose Mourinho, although the Premier League should expect an interesting turn of events.
“I think the Spanish league is difficult anyway and will continue being difficult,” Lionel Messi said during a visit to Aspire Academy's Football Combating Malaria project in Saly, Senegal. “We'll be fighting against strong teams with great players like Real Madrid. Mourinho was a great coach but we know that Ancelotti is equally great.
“I think Mourinho will also succeed back at Chelsea because he's a great manager.”
Lionel Messi will be joined by the Brazil goalscoring prodigy Neymar in Barcelona’s attack next season. Various media outlets and club officials claim Lionel Messi and Neymar won’t be able spark up a lethal partnership in the Catalan attack, but Lionel Messi begged to differ.
The 26-year-old Argentina international also believes that Barcelona will challenge for Champions League glory next season. Lionel Messi is also confident of defeating the defending champions Bayern Munich, even though they have availed the services of former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola.
“I know Neymar is a great player who is going to bring a lot to Barcelona,” Lionel Messi added. “God willing, we will be able to play together at Barca. I think we have a great team and great players, as we've shown over the years. I think the arrival of Guardiola will make Bayern stronger.
“Winning the Champions League is always difficult and our objective is trying to win everything and succeed in all competitions. That's how we work at Barcelona.
“You talk of Germany dominating football recently - I don't know what is going to happen in the future.
“I know Germany have a history of great teams in global football at international level and club level. Winning the Champions League is difficult for anyone, whether they are from Germany or Spain. But I know Germany had a great year last year.”
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