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Mesut Ozil brings Arsenal their best shot at Premier League title in years

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Blog Photo - Mesut Ozil brings Arsenal their best shot at Premier League title in years
It won’t be wrong to suggest that Arsenal have their best shot at winning the Premier League title this season. Arsene Wenger has been under the gun for lack lustrous results in the past, which is why the Frenchman understands that he quickly needs to end the silverware curse at the Emirates and that he finally has the right tools for the job as well.
The Arsenal manager has led his men to some impressive results during the last couple of months, which suggests that the squad is finally linking together. Arsenal players have expressed sentiments similar and accept that the team has a good shot at the title. Arsenal forward Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the latest to voice the urgency to win silverware.
The young England international also believes that Arsenal are in contention to win the Premier League title this season. Despite recording a disappointing start to the season with a defeat at the hands of Aston Villa, Arsenal acquired redemption by defeating archrivals Tottenham Hotspur at their home.
With the arrival of Mesut Ozil, Arsenal’s chances of picking up the Premier League title have increased tenfold.
“We’ve been contenders ever since I came to Arsenal. Or at least that’s the feeling in the squad. We really think we can take the title,” Oxlade-Chamberlain told the Daily Telegraph.
“Obviously it hasn’t happened in recent seasons. But in the form we showed at the end of last season, and - when I was watching from the sidelines - in the spirit we’ve shown at the start of this, in the derby, everyone was fighting for each other.
“That team spirit, you can’t buy it. That, along with our manager and the signings he’s just made, I’m absolutely full of optimism that this season can be a good one. Without doubt we think we can win the title. Just like we believe we can win every competition we’re in. If you don’t believe that, if you aren’t striving, then you don’t deserve to be at Arsenal.”
Arsenal are expected to be rivaled by Chelsea and Manchester City for the Premier League title, but Ozil’s signing has given the Gunners a huge boost over their rivals. Arsenal full-back Fieran Gibbs claims he was ecstatic to hear that he would be playing alongside Ozil this season.
“Jumped in the air. But you don't even have to be an Arsenal fan to jump in the air,” Gibbs said. “When you find out that a world-class player like that is coming to England you're going to jump for joy even if you're a Tottenham fan. Well, maybe not a Tottenham fan, I won't push it too far.
“In the end we and the fans have got what we want: a really good addition.”
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