Mets plans go south as All-Star Matt Harvey preps for elbow surgery

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Blog Photo - Mets plans go south as All-Star Matt Harvey preps for elbow surgery
The operation room is a no-go zone for All-Star Game starter Matt Harvey. Harvey desperately wants to avoid going under the knife, although the diagnosis on Monday has revealed a distinct possibility of a surgery.
The New York Mets right-hander wants to stay out of the operation room for as long as possible. However, Harvey doesn’t have more than a few weeks. An MRI scan on Monday showed that Harvey has a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow.
This means Harvey cannot hide from the operation room for more than a couple of months. According to a couple of medical experts the Tommy John ligament-replacement surgery can be an option for Harvey, but there is no need to make a rash decision.
Placing Harvey on the bench can prove to be big blow to Mets’ campaign as they were trying put together a dominant 1-2 combination in their rotation. Harvey’s absence could completely ruin their plans and upset the balance they were seeking.
“When I heard the news I was pretty shocked,” Harvey said. “I'm still very optimistic. I'm going to do everything I can so I don't have to get surgery, whether it is strengthening areas in my shoulder and elbow, a lot of stretching and making sure I stay out of the doctor's office.”
Harvey admits he has been experiencing stress and pain in his forearm for a couple of weeks, but he never thought it could turn out to be something serious. The 24-year-old, who is the National League leader with 191 strikeouts, claims he believed the discomfort to be a common form of soreness, something all pitchers experience.
After being partially blamed for a 3-0 loss to Detroit Rangers, where Harvey gave away a career-high of 13 hits in 6 2/3 innings, it finally dawned upon the Mets star that something might indeed be wrong with his arm.
The Mets planned on resting Harvey for a bit before bringing him back into action, but since he had already reported fatigue and inability to exact accuracy, Harvey was sent for a detailed exam. Harvey claims he never shooting pain in his arm, so he might be lucky with an early diagnosis.
“I guess the only real issue I had which was kind of alarming to me was this past Saturday,” Harvey said talking about his injury. “It was a struggle.”
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