Miami Dolphins didnít give details on Davone Bess before trade to the Browns

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsLast year the Miami Dolphins traded their wide receiver Davone Bess to the Cleveland Browns. All went smooth but it was later revealed that Bess had issues with his mental health and had emotional sensitivity. All of this was not revealed to the Dolphins when the player was traded to them.
Bess was traded to Browns in April last year and shortly after the trade he was switched to the reserve/non-football illness list under the pretext of personal matters. It was later revealed that he was arrested and admitted to a treatment facility and he was not willing to comply being committed to the facility.
The Dolphins were definitely aware that Bess was suffering from emotional instability and had unpredictable behavior but when they decided to trade him off to the Cleveland Browns they wanted to only get rid of a player for whatever they could get for his worth. To do that they had to show he was fit and ready to go and had no problems, so they did not mention any such problems that Bess was suffering from.
Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had a press conference recently in which he emphasized that he was looking for certain qualities in the new general manager that he would hire. Ex-general manager Jeff Ireland voluntarily stepped down a month ago and among the qualities Ross mentioned he emphasized he wanted a manager with integrity.
"This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative," Ross said.
Bess has been behaving erratically and doing downright stupid, if not somewhat entertaining behavior lately which has put him in the spotlight and all that is really confusing as it makes no sense. On Friday at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport he assaulted a law enforcement officer. Just a few days ago he had posted nudes of himself and posted images of marijuana on his account with the caption "We da real dons!". He also had something to say about the N word and its usage, saying there was no right time during a season to use the N word.
It would seem that the tenure in NFL has caused one too many concussions and he is already reeling from the effects. 
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