Miami Dolphins guard Shelley Smith puts work priority before personal satisfaction

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Miami Dolphins are in the process of rebuilding themselves from scratch and they are not letting one piece of the puzzle fall lose. Everyone has to pitch in their undivided efforts. Their guard Shelley Smith recently got married and is all happy but will not get to celebrate it too soon.
Smith may be part of the Dolphins but he yet has to earn his stripes to be the starting man. He is considered a good fit for the job but he will not get the job served to him on a plate. He will have to do his part to earn it and for that it means he will have to give his job more time and cancel a few plans at home, including the honeymoon he had so happily planned.
He had intended to go to secluded island for the honeymoon trip but instead of that he will have to go to Broward County to get started on his job.
Smith agreed that it was all fast paced with him getting married and having to go to the Dolphins job instead of enjoying his honeymoon.
"It was kind of a whirlwind. I signed and then flew straight out to (Arizona for) the wedding,” Smith said. “It all ended up working out great. Obviously not exactly how I expected everything to go being so close, back-to-back. But it all turned out great."
The Dolphins will hopefully not regret their decision to sign him in and he will prove a valuable addition to the roster as well as a great starting player. Smith has not had much experience with start. In the 25 games he has played, in 8 of those he started. One of the primary reasons why the Dolphins chose him apart from his talent and natural affinity for football is his remarkable athleticism and physical form. It is his primary attribute which makes his an obvious choice over other players and why the Dolphins hope he does not waste that edge and they can utilize and hone it to the maximum.
"I think in the zone blocking scheme, particularly how it was in Houston. they kind of look for some offensive lineman that are maybe a little bit more athletic,” Smith said, “that can move, open up the hole by the outside zone, stretching out wide, so I think maybe that's kind of where I could fit in there a little bit.”
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