Miami Heat: Don't Forget About Dwyane

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A 2006 NBA Championship ring sat in his trophy room well before his good friend LeBron James joined him in South Beach to play for multiple titles together. Dwyane Wade, the 2006 NBA Finals MVP after averaging 36 ppg, re-signed with the Heat along with the signing of Chris Bosh a few days before LeBron announced his now famed ‘Decision’.
A leader, a champion, and the face of the Miami Heat franchise was forced to alter his approach to each game with the presence of James on the same floor. If Wade was unable to take a ‘back-seat’ to James, this pairing might have caused some tension in the locker room and thus otherwise crippled the franchises’ chance at multiple titles.
Blog Photo - Miami Heat: Don't Forget About DwyaneMost are quick to judge Wade’s drop in numbers as a drop in productivity, but they’d be wrong to say that. This season, Wade shot above 50% from the field for the first time in his career. Averaging 21 points, 5 boards and 5 assists per contest would be great for most players in the league, but because Wade has shown us 30/7.5/5 before, writers, broadcasters, podcasters; they’re all quick to say he’s lost a step, lost his confidence. But on a team where someone else is dropping 27/8/7 while taking his 4th MVP in 5 years, D-Wade is doing work.
When you play with the greatest to ever play, you take a backseat because you will still get yours. Wade checked his superstar ego at the door and laced up his star sidekick sneaks. And lets not forget that Wade has already proven to us all that he can be THE guy. He proved it well before LeBron did. He won his first championship as the primary figure on his team. That’s something Jordan accomplished; Kobe didn’t. Not a shot at Kobe, but Wade took the Larry O’brein on his own. The dude put a team on his back like no other.
Wade is still the guy we all remember from ’06, he chooses to allow LeBron his space to dominate for the better of the team and the opportunity to continue winning. D-Wade finished #8 in the league in scoring, #6 in steals and continues to defend the opponents top two guards night in/night out. 
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The Greatest to Ever Play? How much is Pat Riley paying you?

Let's see how the rest of Lebron's career plays out. Will he win a championship without a team filled with superstars and special treatment from the referees? Will we ever get a chance to see?

Lebron is rarely handed a personal foul, when he commits a technical they call it personal, and when he commits a flagrant they call it technical. He is no doubt in the process of building a top 5 all-time career, but the NBA is facilitating him in such a way that the integrity of the game is suspended, and he'd probably still be on his way to a second championship if the refs didn't consistently play favorites. 

ESPN's Bulls-Heat pre-game 3 teaser of clips from game 2 was all ridiculous Heat fouls on Chicago players and obvious Heat flops (when they had plenty of terrible Bulls fouls to choose from). Rewind to the 27-game run, when the Timberwolves were close to getting a lead in the 4th and the refs ejected JJ Barea for talking trash with Ray Allen.

If the NBA wasn't so boring and protective, we'd get better Lebron games, and you would be writing something far more interesting than this stating-the-obvious puff piece.