Miami Heat Fan Suing San Antonio Spurs

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Blog Photo - Miami Heat Fan Suing San Antonio Spurs
Larry McGuiness, who is a Miami-based attorney and a Miami Heat season ticket holder, is suing the San Antonio Spurs for the infamous November 29th game where Popovich sent four players home without playing them.  The class action lawsuit was filed in Miami-Dade County this past Monday against the Spurs for “economic damages” for fans who paid a premium prices for the game. 
“It was like going to a restaurant and ordering the most expensive item on the menu — lobster — and you get a horrible chicken fried steak,” said McGuinness.  “No offense to chicken fried steak.”
Commissioner David Stern fined the Spurs $250,000 for resting their players, despite the fact that the Spurs actually played a competitive game.  So, McGuiness’ logic is, if the league can fine one of its own teams for failing to deliver a quality product, why can’t the fans as well who actually pay for the game? 
McGuinness went on to say that, “While I thought Commissioner Stern’s fine was appropriate, and was a good shot across the bow, I wanted to make sure the Spurs and any other team who does this knows that fans can get ticked off too.”
The Spurs now find themselves in deep water, but even if they get out of the lawsuit, fans can be rest assured that not even Gregg Poppovich will sit his star players anymore.  The pocketbook of a small market only runs so deep.
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