Miami Heat Visit the White House (Photobomb!)

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As is with every championship team in American professional sports, they are rewarded with a trip to the White House to meet the President of the United States. Well, the Miami Heat took their visit very seriously, and in the video posted by Lebron, you can see that he is noticeably nervous, as he should be. 

It's always interesting to get the peak into these professional athletes persona that we do not get see on a daily basis or via their twitter accounts. But the highlight of their trip was not presenting President Obama with a Heat jersey. It was not the tour of the White House nor the chance to rip on the President's Chicago Bulls. 

An epic photobomb takes the cake. Photobombing has become one of the popular norms in adolescent/young adult culture and it was just as big when the San Francisco Giants closer, Sergio Romo would do it any chance he got during the Giants epic World Series run this past season. 

Chris Bosh, who most know as the third wheel in Miami has many fine attributes on the court and he recently made news when he said he is a sure-fire Hall of Famer. But his ability to take an otherwise serious and momentous occasion and make a joke of it really speaks to his character. He's able to take it all in and still be relaxed enough to be himself. Check it out:Blog Photo - Miami Heat Visit the White House (Photobomb!)
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orangemen90 wrote:
Lots of money in that photo....

yeah, probably worth like a few billion dollars.

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Lots of money in that photo....