Miami Heat star LeBron James will return for Game 5

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Blog Photo - Miami Heat star LeBron James will return for Game 5
The Miami Heat star LeBron James cramped under pressure yesterday, quite literally. LeBron James, who you would blindly pick as your savior if your life depended on winning a basketball game, has been criticized as a choker by critics. However, as LeBron James took another step closer to the NBA Championship a couple of critics were forced to change their opinion about him.
With a 3-1 tally the Miami Heat lead the seven match series for the NBA Championship. In yesterday’s NBA Finals’ game, Miami Heat defeated Oklahoma City Thunders by 104-98. LeBron James was unable to participate in the whole of the match because of an injury. Miami Heat will need LeBron James on his feet in Game 5 if they want to secure the NBA Championship.
Luckily for the Miami Heat good news flew in this afternoon. According to reports, LeBron James had a successful training session today. The former Cleveland Cavaliers player was benched after experiencing severe muscle cramps. LeBron James had to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines.
LeBron James claims he is still feeling a little sore but overall he was much better. LeBron James also expects himself to return to court for Game 5 tomorrow. LeBron James talked about his injury in his post game comments yesterday.
“Well, I mean the ball was swung to me and, you know, the shot clock was going down and I just wanted to step up and try to make a play,” LeBron James said. “You know, and I was able to drain that three and give us a lift. I was just trying to make a play. If I was out on the floor I wanted to try and make a play with the limited mobility I had at that time and I was happy I was able to come through.
LeBron James also emphasized on Miami Heat being a team. LeBron James explained that individual players were not responsible for victories in basketball, teams were.
“We're a complete team,” LeBron James said. “You know, a lot of people don't understand that about our team and they always just focus on myself or D. (Dwyane) Wade and C.B. (Chris Bosch) but everyone's effort and all the hard work everyone puts into it makes us a complete team. And we need that performance from everyone. We understand that myself and D. (Dwyane) Wade and C.B. (Chris Bosch) get a lot of the press but without the sacrifices and all the commitments from our other guys, we wouldn't be in this position.”
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