Miami Heat winning streak broken by the Chicago Bulls

The Heat's winning streak has finally come to an end

3/27/13 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Mar 27, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Miami Heat small forward LeBron James (6) goes to the basket against the Chicago Bulls during the first half at the United Center.  Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY SportsThe Chicago Bulls managed to pull off something that 27 teams before them couldn't manage to do, when they beat the Miami Heat 101-97.

Luol Deng led the Bulls with 28 points, 7 rebounds,  and 5 assists, while Carlos Boozer chipped in with 21 points and 17 rebounds.

The rebounding differential was a huge part of the game, with the Bulls out-rebounding the Heat 43-31, including a 12-6 differential in offensive rebounds.

The loss snapped a 27-game winning streak for the Heat, which is good for 2nd longest all time, behind the 1971-72 Lakers, who won 33 straight.

Congratulations to the Bulls on snapping the streak, and congrats to the Heat for a truly incredible run.

Perhaps this will give the Heat a chance to give some of their players some rest, allowing them to prepare for their upcoming title defense and the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Do you think this will change the way Heat coach Eric Spoelstra manages his team for the rest of the season? Or will they do their best to win out?


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3/28/13   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2795 respect

I know both teams's fans have their opinion regarding the physical nature of the game last night, however I would suggest to David Stern's successor, that if team's continue to foul Lebron James in the way with which they have started to in the last couple of years, that they will have another brawl the likes of the one in Auburn Hills years ago.  Dwight Howard is also starting to take offense at the more and more aggresive hack a shaq treatment he is getting. 

I had no problem with Boozer's foul, however don't call Battier 2 minutes later for barely touching Boozer.  Heinrich's foul was a better tackle than half the secondaries in the NFL. 

3/28/13   |   jinrhy

amazing streak and probably will never happen for years upon years to come.  the SWM debate has me wondering though, are they better than the '72 lakers even though they lost?  seems like most think so, but they have to win the ring in order to prove their worth to me.  right now i'm going for the lake show!

3/28/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

ah man... here in South Florida that's local news... and lots of was good while it lasted...