Miami owner Beckham wants MLS to loosen salary cap restrictions

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Blog Photo - Miami owner Beckham wants MLS to loosen salary cap restrictions There has been a lot of talk about restructuring Major League Soccer (MLS) in recent years, but little has been accomplished. English football icon David Beckham has been vocal in his criticism of MLS. However, now that Beckham owns an MLS franchise instead of playing for one, the owner of the club can directly express his stake in the poorly structured system of the league.
The owner of newly minted MLS team has voiced his concerns against the salary cap in the MLS. In an interview with Christian Vieri for BeIN Sport, Beckham pointed out the negatives of having a salary cap in the MLS.
Beckham explained that the salary cap stopped a lot of talented players from playing in the MLS. The former England international said that such restrictions in the league had stunted the growth of football in America.
“That's what we'll work for,” Beckham said. “We'll work towards that, because obviously that's one of the things that honestly stops a lot of players coming over here.”
According to the regulations of the MLS, only three designated players can be signed up by each. The signing of these three designated players doesn’t count in the $3.1 million salary cap set for each team for the year 2014 cap.
Beckham, who was the first designated player in the MLS in 2007, said that in order to bring top talent into the MLS more money needs to be spent.
In an interview to ESPN FC last year, the MLS commissioner Don Garber said that the Designated Player rule wasn’t going to change anytime soon. Garber also revealed that no changes were expected in the way how MLS handles the arrival of international players.
“Right now the roster structure and format will remain the same,” Garber said. “We'll always look at tweaking the system and it's possible in the years to come we might do that, but there's no immediate plans on the drawing board right now.”
Garber also said that he wanted to save the MLS from the following the examples of overspending, a trend that is becoming common with European clubs. Many clubs in Europe have taken a big jump to enter upper echelons of the football world by spending fortunes. Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are two prime examples of such clubs. 
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The salary structure in MLS is good.  We do not want MLS to become like the other top football leagues of the world where there are only a few teams who truly compete for the top spots while most of the rest are simply playing to avoid relegation.  ALL teams need to know they can win if run correctly.  The salary cap helps accomplish that.  Further, allowing teams THREE designated player spots is more than enough wiggle room to circumvent the cap.    This is just Beckham hoping to be able to spend other teams into oblivion.  Not good for MLS.  Not good for the game in the USA.

BTW...  More teams are starting to use their DP's anyway.  Look at what TFC did this season for example.  Seattle used one of their slots for Dempsey too.