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Michael Beasley Could Be Dazzling Us Even More With Some Semblance of Coaching

2/26/08 in NCAABB   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Never have so many 30+ point, 15+ rebound performances been deemed 'quiet.' I take that back, not since Kevin Durant have so many massive double-doubles happened without much fervor, and more importantly without a W.

The handful of Kansas State games I've watched this season have reminded me of early high school basketball. The coach has a few plays, but the game usually devolves into people dribbling in circles and tossing shots beyond their range without much hope of finding the net. On the rare occasion the Wildcats realize they have one of the best college freshman to ever play the game in the post, he gets his points. If he's lucky he'll find a good portion of his teammates bricks and create a few more points on his own.

According to KenPom's stats, 33% of K-State's possessions end with Michael Beasley hands on the ball, whether that be a made shot, missed shot or turnover. Impressive number for most college basketball players -- 20% is the average for a good player -- but a significant portion of those touches come as a result of locating his teammates missed shots. With a player of his caliber, that number needs to be in the 50% range.

Credit Texas for a portion of the Wildcats lack of fluidity on offense, but the frustrating aspect was that they appeared to have no real game plan. K-State's best performance occurred against Kansas when their set of guards, none averaging above 32% from 3-point rage, were money. They shot 46% with many open looks as a result of the Jayhawks all playing a step down on Beasley. Last night the threes weren't falling so I would have liked to see head coach Frank Martin adjust the tempo and demand the ball gets in Beasley's hands EVERY possession. Whatever it takes. Run the clock down, set multiple screens. Force it to him. Get him in some clear out situation atop the key.

Instead, Kansas State finds itself firmly on the bubble and in a perilous position in these final weeks. They won't be able to rely on a good long-distance shooting percentage Saturday in Lawrence. It'll have to be a slow down Michael Beasley show. Why do I even care about this? Well, it'd be nice to see Beasley's true potential on the college level for this short one year stint, and if used correctly he's a 40+ point performance every night out.
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2/26/08   |   staffbb43   |   3 respect

What a joke.

why is that a joke? they're top 40 in rpi, and top 30 in sos

2/26/08   |   CHansen

Wait wait wait, are you insinuating that "Frank" (as he is called by his players), who cheated in the Miami high school circuit, which was his last head coaching job (i think) isn't a good high-major DI coach?  Get outta here!

2/26/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

You're probably right, but @ Kansas (16-0) and @ Iowa State (10-4) aren't exactly cake walks.  Would 19-11 be enough?

Joe Lunardi had them in as a 6 seed prior to yesterday.  That seems pretty safely in to me.

2/26/08   |   CriticalFanatic

I've always felt that the NCAA Selection Committee takes into consideration the big name player factor.

So long as K-State doesn't completely blow it, they'll have a hard time keeping him out.

2/26/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Great read.  But don't tell Jubanator, he thinks Beasley is only playing the way he is because of coaching.  33%?!  That's staggering.  What a shame that our only shot to see this rare breed of player in a NCAA tournament will most likely never come to fruition.

It will be a shame, because there is no way, or no good reason for him to not come out for the draft.