Michael Beasley is Tuning Everybody Out for the Better

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Blog Photo - Michael Beasley is Tuning Everybody Out for the Better
Michael Beasley was supposed to be the off-season savior for the rebuilding Phoenix  Suns, however, after a terrible start to the season, not only was Beasley demoted, but he also incurred a series of DNP’s.  Fortunately for Beasley, former head coach Alvin Gentry was fired and interim head coach Lindsey Hunter has injected some new life into the offensive enigma. 
Evidently, Beasley has tuned everybody out, even his own head coach. 
“I’ve stopped listening to people, and I’m just doing what I know how to do,” Beasley said.
When Beasley was asked who exactly he stopped listening to, he replied, “Everybody.  Just everybody, from my friends, to family, to teammates, to coaches.  The coach can tell me what he sees from a third party perspective, but I’m seeing it first hand. Once I set a screen and I roll, and another guy steps up … if he doesn’t step up, I’ve got a jump shot. Or, I can go around him, or I’ve got [a teammate] for a dunk. There’s so many things that I can do that only my instincts can tell me.”
Beasley has been a waste of a talent ever since he’s entered the league, but if he’s able to simplify the game instead of making it so complicated, the offensive juggernaut will have value in the league for many more years to come.  Otherwise, he’ll be on that list of players that were drafted much higher than they ever deserved.  
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