Michael Bisping will fight Chael Sonnen at UFC on FOX after Mark Munoz injury

Mark Munoz is hurt, setting up a dream matchup for UFC fans

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Mark Munoz had to bow out of UFC on FOX due to an undisclosed injury, opening the door for one of the biggest loudmouths in the UFC to fight THE biggest loudmouth, Chael Sonnen.

British bad boy Michael Bisping will take on Sonnen on January 28 in a card that will be televised live on FOX. The only downside to this matchup is that we only get 11 days of trash talk.

Sonnen is the only fighter who has been able to give Anderson Silva a decent fight in years, and is a heavy favorite against Bisping, who has been more of a gate-keeper than anything else. Bisping's notable moments include some highs, like winning The Ultimate Fighter: USA vs UK, and some lows, like getting knocked out cold by Dan Henderson.

Neither fighter is particularly well-liked, but both love to talk a big game. Bisping already started the trash talk on Twitter, and in some interviews.

I think Bisping is dreadfully wrong, and I'd be shocked if Sonnen doesn't win convincingly. Even if Bisping somehow manages to win, it will only be an unfortunate path to certain destruction against Anderson Silva.

Either way, the fans win this one. Mark Munoz is an outstanding fighter and certainly deserves another chance to fight for a title shot when he gets healthy, but this is what the fans want to see.
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1/18/12   |   mongo1962   |   96 respect

i want too see bisping get his ass kicked , he thinks he is the best if he dose get lucky and win , it will be sure defeat againts the spider i can not waite for this . too watch this guy get deflated would be nice even though i would love too see better fight like that of sonnen and the spider