Michael Owen talks about the rise of diving in English football

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Blog Photo - Michael Owen talks about the rise of diving in English football
Stoke City forward Michael Owen has struck back at media reports suggesting he dived to win penalties. The former Liverpool striker commented on the rise of diving in English football through his twitter account.
Michael Owen, who was the last Englishman to win the Ballon d’Or, told media on Wednesday that sometimes he went down to easily to win fouls for England.
The 32-year-old striker admitted that he fell down with little cause during the 1998 and 2002 World Cup matches against Argentina.
After making such claims Michael Owen opened his Twitter account in order to clear his name. Michael Owen told his followers that he felt the need to clear his name following comments which sounded like he dived to win penalties.
“Final word on yesterday. Not for the first time, I feel a bit let down by the British press. To have a headline saying: Owen 'I dived to win a penalty' is disgraceful,” Michael Owen Tweeted.
“To clarify, I have never won a penalty through diving and didn't say so yesterday, despite what the headlines say. I have, however, gone down, WHEN FOULED, when I could have stayed on my feet.
“This is a regular occurrence in every league in the World. In two separate World Cups against Argentina, this was the case.”
Michael Owen, who joined Stoke City on free transfer, is trying to break into Tony Pulis’s first team after a three-year long stint with Manchester United.
It is well known that Michael Owen’s transfer to Manchester United was only for commercial basis. In the three seasons Michael Owen was with Manchester United, he seldom appeared in the first team and was only able to grab 52 appearances. Michael Owen scored 17 goals with Manchester United.
Michael Owen went on to describe the differences between a foul and a dive. The England international also criticized the rise in diving in English football.
“As Pierluigi Collina said yesterday, "If touched and fouled, a player has every right to go to ground." If that is wrong then virtually every foul that is seen on a football field is wrong,” Michael Owen said in Twitter post.
“Very few tackles are delivered with the force required to knock somebody off their feet. It is an art for an attacking player to entice a defender to make a wrong decision.
“To clarify: I have never dived to win a penalty without being touched. I don't condone it and I think it should be stamped out of the game.”
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