Michael Pineda ejected after being caught with pine tar on his neck

Michael Pineda forced John Farrell's hand with his blatant pine tar use

4/24/14 in MLB   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Blog Photo - Michael Pineda ejected after being caught with pine tar on his neck

Believe it or not, John Farrell never wanted to call attention to Michael Pineda's use of pine tar during last night's Red Sox-Yankees game. We know this, partially because Farrell had the chance to call him out for it a couple weeks ago, and he passed on that opportunity.

However, as obvious as Pineda was being about it, Farrell had no choice.

Anyone in the ballpark could have seen the huge smear of pine tar on Pineda's neck. His neck, of all places?

This isn't an unusual situation. Players around the league do it all the time. A couple Red Sox pitchers are known to do similar things with a mix of Bullfrog sunscreen and rosin.

The key is that Pineda needed to be at least a little bit sneakier about how he went about it.

No one really cares that he was doing it. Just try to hide it, please.
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4/25/14   |   hclcdestin   |   9313 respect

I understand he received a 10 game suspension. Since he's a pitcher he'll miss 2 starts,guess the punishment fits the crime. Pineda at 6'7" 260 stuck out like a sore thumb.
Red Sox may have to counterattack,but they're not cheaters!

4/24/14   |   Scott   |   54570 respect

My one question is this...

How did nobody on the Yankees notice this when he was heading to the mound between innings?