Michael Sam's boyfriend hails from a mafia family

Michael Sam's boyfriend comes from a long line of Kansas City mobsters

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Blog Photo - Michael Sam's boyfriend hails from a mafia familyOf the many subplots of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam being drafted in the seventh round of this weekend's NFL Draft, here's one that will really make you fuhgeddaboutit. The boyfriend whom Michael Sam kissed and smeared cake onto the face of right after the St. Louis Rams made Sam the 249th pick of the NFL Draft has some unique family history. His father and grandfather were both notorious mobsters in the Kansas City crime family.

Now that you know the guy Michael Sam kissed on live TV comes from a long line of mafia hitmen and card sharks, I double-dare you to call him "horrible" on Twitter.

But it's true. The New York Daily News reports that Michael Sam's boyfriend comes from a mafia family. It should be noted that Vito Cammissano, the 23-year-old hunky boyfriend who's been the darling of social media since kissing Sam after the pick on Saturday, has no history of crime himself.

Blog Photo - Michael Sam's boyfriend hails from a mafia familyCammisanno's father and grandfather, on the other hand, both had some very interesting family business.

At left we see granddad Willie "The Rat" Cammissano, boss of the of the Kansas City crime family from 1983 until his death in 1995. They didn't call him "The Rat" because he ever turned evidence of cooperated with the feds.

"Willie was called 'Willie the Rat' because he killed people and stuck them in the sewers so the rats could eat them,” an informant told a congressional subcommittee in 1980. “He doesn’t like the name. I doubt that anybody ever called him that to his face."

Young Vito's dad Gerlermo "Jerry" Cammissano has a much less colorful nickname and a far less violent record. He was never boss of the crime family, but did do a little over a year in prison for his role in a $3.5 million gambling ring.

We cannot blame 23-year-old Vito for the crimes committed by previous generations in his family. And it seems he's not terribly eager to talk about it. The New York Daily News sent him an email request for comment on his family's mafia history.

"Have a great week and Go Rams!," Cammissano emailed back, referring all questions to Michael Sam's agent.


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