Michael Strahan Finds These NFL Cheerleaders Distracting

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This doesn't exactly fall into the breaking news category. NFL players check out cheerleaders during games. Michael Strahan admits to being very distracted:

"Strahan admits he sometimes checks out the cheerleaders during games, and even suggests that one reason that teams use them is to distract opposing teams.

"The cheerleaders are a huge, huge distraction," he writes. "They aren't there just to distract the fans, they're used as a weapon against us, too. We stare at cheerleaders sometimes. It's against the rules for a cheerleader to date a player, but it happens all the time."
And which girls does Strahan find the most distracting.
"I'll tell you the best girls in the league, by far, are not the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders or the famed Raiderettes. It's not even close, folks. The Washington Redskins get the prize in my book. Every single one of those girls is stunning."
These girls? Really? Distracting?

I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I actually take into account the bonus of watching Redskins games during fantasy football draft day.

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6/11/09   |  

 TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/11/09   |  

thanks so much

10/20/07   |   YankeeDudeL   |   15 respect

When I played, I had no problem being distracted by cheerleaders.  I was too busy playing the damn game!  I never needed to watch the girls, when I was on the field, I was the one they were watching.  If ur not distracted, then u can focus on being the best at ur position and they'll want to watch u, not the other way around.  But now that I'm just another "never-was", I get distracted by them all the time.  Except my stupid team don't have em. 

10/18/07   |   ChicaQueso

Everyone has an excuse.... *sigh*

Shouldn't he be used to them by now?  :)

10/13/07   |   HOOTERHOUND

They are goddess!!!

10/13/07   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect


I'd be happy to be distracted by the cheerleaders while the boys go play football...

(Edited by DeeRigga)

I wanna be distracted by Christi Sunshine!!  Game Over...I'm watching her!!

10/12/07   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect

jeremiahmeek wrote:
Wow- can I play football for millions and he can watch the girls

I'm with you!  I want to complain about beautiful women dancing half BUCKKED NEKKID on the sideline in which I am sitting next to 53 smelly dirty dudes trying to kill 53 other sweaty dirty dudes on the other side of the field...and say its distracting.  WTF?  Why are professional athletes such whining wussies? I wish I was distracted like that EVERY FREAKIN' WEEKEND and got paid like that gap-toothed cheesewhizzer.

10/11/07   |   jeremiahmeek

Maybe thats a reason for cheerleaders to start trying to talk to the big gap and get money from him or be the next trophy wife

10/11/07   |   gmaned14

Oh so that's his excuse for his poor play against the Redskins

10/11/07   |   jeremiahmeek

Wow- can I play football for millions and he can watch the girls

10/11/07   |   Wicked Jumpshot

I don't blame Strahan.  He's going through a divorce and not too far away from retiring.  I'd be scouting for cheerleader poon also.   

10/11/07   |   shschill

Are you serious? Cheerleader distracting? How about his holdout during training camp? I think that was a little more detrimental to the team than cheerleaders. Strahams gap distracts me. Good God man get that fixed!

10/11/07   |   JBrenn   |   44 respect

I'm partial to the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals cheerleaders...

10/11/07   |   Okiedays

Maybe when I was in Highschool. WTF give me millions to stand there on the sidelines and focus on the game.

10/11/07   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

Thumbs up on the post only for the picture of the brunette. She is stunning.