Michael Vick Offered A Chance With Arena Football League

4/28/09 in NFL   |   airwolfone   |   respect

If Michael Vick can get reinstated by the NFL, The Albany Firebirds of The Arena Football2 have offered him a contract for $200.00 a week plus $50.00 for each win that he can deliver.  Source Yahoo Sports. 
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4/30/09   |   suvblack7

If the NFL dumped him then why would anyone else want a looser like him? I mean the guy got caught with fighting Pits for pete sake and in as many states as I can think of it's against the law to even own fighting Pits. He's not even worth $200.00 a week plus any bonuses. He thought that he was above the law because of who he was but the law showed him.

4/30/09   |   White_Walk   |   6 respect

he doesn't belong in football and they don't need him

4/29/09   |   jaybrockstar

Maybe he can be the opposite of Kurt Warner.....Leave the NFL and dominate the AFL.  It would be a nice story.  A real heart felt story that prisoners can tell there fellow inmates when they get realeased.  "If Mike can do it so can we" 

4/29/09   |   dylanramsey46

if he gets back in football i will never evr watch it again!