Michael Vick hoping to start against Saints with "swag"

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After receiving a strong approval for retaining his starting spot by Andy Reid on Thursday, quarterback Michael Vick had no intentions of letting down the coach at the Philadelphia Eagles’ next game against the New Orleans Saints on Monday. Although Andy Reid stated that Michael Vick played “one of his better games” against the Atlanta Falcons, the quarterback believed his performance last Sunday lacked aggressiveness. Now, Michael Vick is looking to get his “swag” back as the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to travel to New Orleans.
"When I watched the tape from Sunday, I just thought I didn't play aggressive enough," said Michael Vick. "There's a lot to learn from on that film. Probably moreso than any other loss we've had all season."
There has been a lot of speculation regarding Michael Vick’s starting status, especially after Andy Reid said that he will evaluate everything in detail following Sunday’s 30-17 loss. However, three days later Andy Reid maintained that there was never a question regarding Michael Vick’s starting spot.
“There’s a time and place when you’re upset, and I was upset after the game. Not at Michael Vick,” said Andy Reid, “but starting with myself and not getting my team ready to play and working from there.”
Michael Vick has struggled seemingly struggled in each game which has forced Andy Reid to back the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback thrice throughout this season.
“My point wasn’t I wasn’t going to bench Michael Vick,” continued Andy Reid. “It was that I needed to step back and evaluate before I came to (the media) with something.”
At Thursday’s practice, Andy Reid strongly endorsed Michael Vick as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback for the rest of the season.
“Michael was the quarterback, is the quarterback and will continue to be the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles,” stated Andy Reid.
Although Michael Vick stated following Sunday’s game that Andy Reid was “obviously is thinking about a change at quarterback,” he maintained that it had never bothered him that he might lose the starting job.
“That was the question that was thrown at me. I didn’t know that conversation took place. It’s all hindsight now,” Michael Vick later said about his comment regarding Andy Reid. “You’ve got to move forward. I have to stay focused for this team and this organization.”
Michael Vick stated that the week-by-week speculation over his starting job crushed his confidence.
“I let it get to me, to be honest,” expressed Michael Vick. “But now it’s a totally different feel for me and I’m ready to go.”
But he’s been trying to gain back control and retain his position as the Philadelphia Eagles leader. Michael Vick called a player’s meeting on Wednesday in which he and some veterans tried to address the dwindling motivation issues following the Philadelphia Eagles’ three straight losses in the past weeks.
"I'm only human, just like everybody else. I think I was just trying to cater to certain things, trying to be what everybody wanted me to be,” Michael Vick observed on the promise to start afresh. “I gotta get my 'swag' back, get back to playing football the way I love to play it."
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