Michael Vick knocked out Ė Andy Reidís new-boy Nick Foles to enjoy Eagles QB position

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Blog Photo - Michael Vick knocked out Ė Andy Reidís new-boy Nick Foles to enjoy Eagles QB position
Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Michael Vick was recorded below the baseline of the concussion test after the Sunday game. Coach Andy Reid reiterated he will only start Michael Vick next Monday if he recovers from the concussion he suffered yesterday, which seems highly unlikely.
This means Nick Foles will make the cut against Carolina Panthers. The 23-year-old will get his second straight start next Monday night. It’s a whole week before Michael Vick’s injury is reassessed and his status for the match is reevaluated. Therefore, it seems slightly prejudice of Andy Reid to give him the sack just yet.
However, if you’ve heard Andy Reid’s statements from Monday night you’d know that he wants the Eagles fans to get used to with Nick Foles. It appears as if we’d be seeing a lot more of the 3rd Round Pick in the upcoming days.
Speaking at his Monday press conference, Andy Reid informed that Michael Vick was steadily “improving” from the concussion he suffered last week, but he still had to pass the baseline tests in order to pass the first stage of the whole recovery process.
It’s probably Andy Reid’s way of sugar-coating the bitterest news that has kept him at in the hot-seat in Philadelphia all these years. There are few men out there who can get away after bringing the worst to the table.
“We'll see how he does this week,” said Andy Reid, who hailed Nick Foles even though the rookie struggled on Sunday.
“I thought there were some good things that he did and then there are some things that he can definitely learn from,” Andy Reid added.
“But he made a couple of nice throws, tight throws early that I thought were some pretty good plays. Again, there are some things that he can work on. He's a young guy; a rookie, so there were a couple of rookie mistakes, but there were some positive things too.”
It’s a good thing Andy Reid isn’t Michael Vick’s doctor or he’d probably strictly advise against bright lights and driving. Nonetheless, Michael Vick seems to have picked up a serious injury which could keep him on the bench for the better half of the season!
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