Michael Vick seeks absolution after confessing he cost Falcons their Super Bowl title

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Blog Photo - Michael Vick seeks absolution after confessing he cost Falcons their Super Bowl title
Michael Vick has never failed to surprise. On Wednesday night Michael Vick went on NFL Network’s show NFL Total Access and admitted that he was the reason behind Atlanta Falcons failure to win the Super Bowl.
Michael Vick confessed that he was really poor at studying tactics and game play before a match. Michael Vick also said that he would be the proud owner of a Super Bowl ring had he evaded jail and dog fighting charges.
The Atlanta Falcons are one of the 14 NFL teams that have never managed to lift the Super Bowl trophy. Michael Vick, who is promoting his biography, made sure his book was well heard off in the interview.
In the interview, Michael Vick said that he could won have been a very successful NFL player if he changed his habits and chose football as his career. Michael Nick admitted that football was something that came to him naturally, which is why he believes in himself and is confident about his success.
“The sky is the limit,” Michael Vick announced. “I probably would have already had a ring on my finger, but that’s easy to say. With any team you still have to have 11 guys on offense, defense and special teams that can put it all together. But I would have made a better contribution. I just give thanks now that I’m an even better quarterback and I give a lot of credit to my coaches for that.”
Talking about Super Bowls, Michael Vick said that he would have a Super Bowl ring on his hand if he had been more serious during his professional career with the Atlanta Falcons.
“Yeah, maybe so. That’s just me hypothetically speaking,” Michael Vick said. “I know how to work hard, I know I would have been better. Maybe if I would have put more time and effort into my craft then I could have done some things differently. But like I said, it still takes a total team effort to win football games and I understand that.”
Michael Vick was also questioned about his self-destructive nature. Michael Vick was also asked to explain why he continued with his bad acts and whether he was aware of its nature.
“No, it never crossed my mind. I always thought about what would happen or what could happen, but until it finally happens, then you start to think about the consequences behind it. I just wanted to get away from it all at some point, but the moment I started to turn the corner it was too late,” Michael Vick said.
“So I’m just thankful that I got another opportunity to do it all over again and do it the right way because it would have been tough on me mentally and emotionally if I would have never gotten an opportunity to do it again.”
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