Mike D'Antoni Has Made Some Questionable Roster Moves

Mike D'Antoni Couldn't Successfully Coach A JV Scrimmage

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December 14, 2012; Washington, DC, USA;  Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni reacts on the sidelines against the Washington Wizards at Verizon Center. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsI am the last person to blame a coach, usually, but as time goes on it's becoming painfully obvious that Mike D'Antoni deserves a lot of the blame for the Los Angeles Lakers losing season.

First of all, management got a ton of praise for putting this team together, but a lot of that goodwill got taken back when they failed to hire Phil Jackson. Yes, Phil didn't lead the team to victory his last year, but if there's anyone who could manage this team of personalities, it was him. Look how long he had Andrew Bynum acting normal!

However, D'Antoni is the coach. He's never won anything, and yes, his offense is built for Steve Nash, but his defense is built for every team that the Lakers play, and it shows in their record.

There have also been a lot of injuries that he has had to deal with, and while the bench isn't great, it's workable. The Lakers' starters are old, there's no getting around that, but their bench is also fairly young. A bench player's role is to come with energy, keep the other team from scoring, and make baskets when possible.

In their loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, D'Antoni's questionable rotation was painfully obvious. Darius Morris and Devin Ebanks are two of the youngest players on the team. Between the two of them, they scored 14 points in 14 minutes. Some of this was garbage time, but even in the meaningless minutes, they still had their desire to play.

That is what the Lakers need from their bench, and in general: a desire to play and win. D'Antoni doesn't seem to recognize this, or really care. The Thunder are a much faster team than the Lakers, so instead of sitting exhausted shooters, who weren't shooting very well, and letting the fresh legs wear down the Thunder, D'Antoni left his tired starters in the game.

Some of the blame definitely falls on the players' overall desire to win, and injuries, but D'Antoni's unwillingness to deviate from a system that clearly isn't working is more at fault. If there are able-bodied, excited guys on the bench, and what you're doing isn't working, change it up.

There's still hope for this season, but only if he can overcome whatever it is that's keeping him from playing the best guy for the job.

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1/13/13   |   rhracer   |   987 respect

A coach should be able to coach his players. If they don't fit your style you must try and adapt to some thing that will work. A coach should be able to deviate a little from your style of play, especially when the coach is brought in mid-season with out a training camp.  With all the injuries and the new coach the Lakers do not look too promising.

1/13/13   |   PurrsAlot   |   1606 respect

Jim Buss said on ESPN Radio they hired him because of his relationship with Steve Nash.  Not the most sound decision ever made to say the least.  Sometimes a player needs a new perspective, i.e. coach.  However, Phil is not big on the pick and roll as evidenced back when they got Karl Malone and Gary Payton.  (How do you like my use of Caps now?)  lol  

If you are being run up and down the court and your legs are heavy the first thing that goes is your jump shot.  And that would include your 3's.  Fresh young legs = running and still can use their legs in their shot.  Lakers are doomed to, at best, a 9th seed finish which means no playoffs.  Howdy-woo-hoo is that???

1/13/13   |   hclcdestin   |   9321 respect

Lakers host Cavs 1/13 - if they lose at home by 1 or 40,this would be the most lhumiliating loss in Kobe's career.

1/12/13   |   jaysinw   |   5037 respect

No wait the Lakers got a great coach, they will win he West... just kidding, I laugh when I heard the Lakers hired him, and thought of how well it went in NY.