Mike Greenberg's Game Show 'Duel' Debuts Tonight; Washington Post's Tom Shales Is Not A Fan

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ABC's new game show 'Duel' debuts tonight opposite the Adrian Peterson show, which means I won't watch, but I'm at the very least curious how Mike Greenberg works as a host.

Tom Shales of the Washington Post either has something against Greeny, or the show must be a horrible failure.
"Among [Greenberg's] witticisms: "Discretion is the better part of valor." He so mercilessly drags out the proceedings, repeating contestants' options ad nauseam, that a player named Denise at one point snaps, "Oh, just get on with it!" Thus the most honest and enjoyable moment of the show. ...

Greenberg sucks the energy out of the air and punctures whatever little balloons of interest might be floating around."
Ouch. Let it all out, Tom. Let it out. Luckily for Greenberg and ABC, another critic provided what I think is a compliment.
"the perfect host - not overbearing, not an annoying know-it-all, and most importantly, not like a professional game show host."
I'd prefer Mike Greenberg just stick to what he does well and that's a morning sports radio show host and the occasional Sportscenter. He's pushing the supersaturation envelope.

Critic takes aim at Greenberg [Sports Media Watch]
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Don't all game show hosts "mercilessly drags out the proceedings, repeating contestants' options ad nauseam"?