Mike Holmgren could leave Cleveland early, misses coaching

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While Mike Holmgren hasn’t quite figured out his standing with the Cleveland Browns this season since Jimmy Haslam took over, the franchise president didn’t rule out coaching from his foreseeable future during Tuesday’s press conference.
Mike Holmgren, who’s coached the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl besides winning a title with the latter, stated that misses the sideline action that comes with coaching.
"I don't know," stated Mike Holmgren when asked if he’d take another shot at coaching. "I do miss the coaching part."
The 64-year-old Mike Holmgren even acknowledged that he considered putting that idea into motion with the Cleveland Browns after Eric Mangini was fired, alas determined that it wasn’t the right time for a transition into coaching.
"I thought a lot about it, what I was willing to do, what I wasn't willing to do,'' said Mike Holmgren. "At that time I wasn't ready for it. I thought I'd be shortchanging the organization.''
However, a lot has changed since in terms of the Cleveland Brown’s executive level administration. The Cleveland Brown have a new owner Jimmy Haslam, who bought the franchise for $1.05 billion from Randy Lener, and CEO Joe Banner. While Mike Holmgren hinted that he could stay for the season if things clicked with Randy Lener, he still couldn’t guarantee if that was possible.
"We'll take it one day at a time and see how it goes,'' said Mike Holmgren."My emphasis will be on the football side. I don't have to do the business side of it anymore.”
"I want to feel like I'm contributing," continued Mike Holmgren. "If I could help one player or one coach be a little better and I feel like I'm contributing, that could happen."
Mike Holmgren’s decision to part ways with the Cleveland Browns (with two years remaining on his contact) is predominantly based on the change in ownership. And after three years as president, during which the team held a 10-29 record, Mike Holmgren had but one regret regarding his legacy with the Cleveland Browns.
"We didn't win enough games,” noted Mike Holmgren, “but I'm hoping the table is set for the future."
Mike Holmgren expects good times ahead for the Cleveland Browns, claiming that the team’s found a franchise quarter back in Brandon Weeden.
"I think the organization has a bright future because it's found a quarterback,'' said Mike Holmgren.
Last week, Jimmy Haslam hinted that Mike Holmgren could retire. While Mike Holmgren acknowledged he hasn’t gone over a his new role on the team with Jimmy Haslam, the franchise president revealed that Cleveland Browns’ coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert have made the conversation a few times.
"I don't think you can get a better general manager than Tom Heckert. I think he's tremendous,'' Mike Holmgren reflected on his talk with Jimmy Haslam."(And) Pat is a bright new coach…I believe in him.''
Although idealistically, Mike Holmgren will like to continue building the roster with Tom Heckert and assist Pat Shurmur, who’s led the Cleveland Browns to 5-18 in two seasons, he’s not willing to “rock the boat” or “get in anybody's way.”
“I think I can help a little bit,” stated Mike Holmgren. “But if it gets cumbersome or it gets uncomfortable for anybody, I don't want that to happen.”
The Cleveland Browns are at the bottom of the league with six losses this season. They host the San Diego Chargers this Sunday.
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