Mike PIazza taking ballet lessons

Mike Piazza will be performing in a ballet. No, seriously

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Blog Photo - Mike PIazza taking ballet lessons

As a gift to his 6-year old daughter, former MLB catcher Mike Piazza will appear in a ballet performance with the Miami City Ballet.

Piazza will play a gangster in "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue."

Athletes doing ballet isn't really something new, but it's always a bit comical to watch. In fact, Piazza isn't the only HOF-eligible player with potentially HOF-worthy stats who might not make it due to PED allegations to perform in a ballet show.

Mark McGwire famously participated in "The Nutcracker" back when he played for the Oakland Athletics, even though he claimed "it's not ballet."

Props to Piazza for stepping outside the box a little bit to make his daughter's day.
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I'd do anything for my daughter. Well, almost anything.