Mike Shanahan: “No possibility” RG3 sees preseason action

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWashington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III made sure to highlight Monday that he doesn’t exactly like the way the team is handling his knee injury, and cutting off his preseason action. Griffin insisted again that he wants to participate in full drills with the entire offense and is ready to play in preseason games. However, only a few hours later Redskins coach Mike Shanahan had a press conference of his own, where he essentially slammed the door on any chances of Griffin taking the field before the regular season.
“No, no possibility,” Shanahan said when asked if Griffin will be making an appearance in a preseason game, with just three contests left in this period.
Shanahan was widely criticized for his handling of the Griffin during the playoffs, whenhe elected to keep the then rookie quarterback on the field against the Seattle Seahawks, even though Griffin began limping early in the game. Griffin only left the game when his knee finally gave out, which cost him months of rehabilitation following a reconstructive knee surgery.
However, this time Shanahan isn’t taking the same risk with their franchise quarterback.
"I could (have brought) Robert back three weeks ago," Shanahan said. "We could be sitting here right now, him practicing three or three weeks ago and all of a sudden something happens with that ACL and we're sitting here saying, 'Well, we should've waited an extra week or two.'"
According to NFL.com’s Albert Breer, Shanahan seem to be taking advice on this matter from Redskins' doctor and renowned orthopedist Dr. James Andrews, who repaired RGIII's torn ACL this offseason and has been monitoring his progress ever since. It was his suggestion that Griffin forgo all preseason action.
But Griffin is so anxious to play that he suited up for last week’s preseason opener – full pads and all – even though he knew full well that the team won’t put him back on the field just yet.
"Let's get that straight: I want to play in the preseason," Griffin said. "Coaches are saying if things go great these next couple of days and next week, then maybe. But it's a hard 'no' right now. It's my job to make that a soft 'no' and possibly a 'yes.'"
However, Shanahan proved that he can’t be so easily derailed from the original plan. During Monday’s press conference, he outlined the more cautious workout approach the team has been taking with the recovering quarterback, which should have him ready no sooner than the opening regular-season game on Sept. 9.
"Our plan is to play him Week 1," Shanahan said. "I want to play him Week 1. I think we have a good game plan."
Griffin, who up to this point had been running position drills and installing the offense, will get to run his first 11-on-11 plays Wednesday.
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I don't think any Skins fan really thought Griffin would play any pre season. I cetainly didn't. I am glad he won't be starting any games. As for the debacle that was Griffin's injury. Everyone has their own theories. In my opinion, Shanahan & Griffin are eqaully to blame.