Mike Shanahan dropkicks RG3 in knee as power struggle escalates

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Blog Photo - Mike Shanahan dropkicks RG3 in knee as power struggle escalates
Mike Shanahan issues one of his patented verbal threats to his star quarterback

In a power struggle characterized by a series of escalating jabs between Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan, the head coach made the boldest maneuver yet, ambushing his star quarterback and landing a dropkick squarely on his injured knee.

"It may seem unconventional, but this was the next logical step for Mike Shanahan," notes Native American Redskins beat writer, Apache Navajo Sierra Nevada. "He simply can not be an effective leader of this team if his authority continues to be questioned."

The ambush took place outside of RG3's Virginia mansion early Friday morning. Shanahan reportedly jumped from a tree branch, executed a dropkick with perfect form, then sped off in a bright red convertible yelling "tweet that, [expletive]!" 

While the Redskins faithful has displayed nothing but outrage, shock and sadness since the ambush, Griffin has yet to make a public statement. Some believe he is now in hiding along with Dr. James Andrews, the latest person to publicly question Shanahan's authority, while others see RGIII's refusal to speak on the matter as a sign that he's maturing.

Others, however, insist that Griffin is still lying in a heap in his front yard and that somebody should definitely go over there and help him. 
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