Mike Tomlin has been fined $100k for interfering with play against the Ravens

Mike Tomlin has been fined $100k, and draft picks are still in jeopardy

12/4/13 in NFL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Blog Photo - Mike Tomlin has been fined $100k for interfering with play against the RavensA lot was made of Mike Tomlin's interference with Jacoby Jones' kick return on Thanksgiving, and the NFL has finally responded.

The league will fine Tomlin $100,000 and apparently they're still considering forfeiting a Steelers draft pick.

The draft pick, if they league takes it away, could be forfeited altogether, or it could be given to the Ravens since they were the ones who were the victim of Tomlin's actions.

Tomlin has been very apologetic since Thursday's game, and that could play a factor in how the NFL chooses to move forward. If they were to take a draft pick from the Steelers, that would be a pretty severe penalty.

My guess: They'll leave it as is, with the $100k fine for Tomlin. It'll send a message to other coaches and the thought that they even considered taking away a draft pick will help deter others from pulling off a similar move in the future.
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12/4/13   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

The fine seems to be enough.  I think he knew exactly what he was doing and he was very stupid for carrying it out.  His sudden move to the side was a way to try to get out of the way like he didn't know what was going on.  I don't think the entire team should suffer with the loss of a draft pick for his personal actions.  Yes, he's been very apologetic, but I think the fact that the Ravens won anyway and that this didn't determine the outcome of the game should also play into the final decision on the draft pick.

12/4/13   |   AlwaysSunshine   |   7452 respect

I think the fine is enough.

12/4/13   |   JenX63   |   33178 respect