Mike Trout gets extended for $20,000 over league minimum

Don't shed a tear for Mike Trout, who will be making barely over the league minimum next year

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February 15, 2013; Tempe, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27) catches a baseball during a drill during spring training at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY SportsMike Trout's agent is making a bit of a fuss about the fact that Trout has been "rewarded" by the Angels for his all-time great 2012 season with a 1-year deal for $510,000, barely over the league minimum. 

Craig Landis, the agent, is a bit peeved, since he was trying to get his client a monster deal, but somehow forgot that he and Trout have approximately ZERO leverage, thanks to the way the MLB CBA is set up.

"During the process, on behalf of Mike, I asked only that the Angels compensate Mike fairly for his historic 2012 season, given his service time. In my opinion, this contract falls well short of a ‘fair’ contract, and I have voiced this to the Angels throughout the process."

As a player with less than three years of MLB service under his belt, Trout really doesn't have any leverage at all when it comes to contract negotiations.

The Angels are basically allowed to automatically extend him year-by-year at whatever paltry sum they deem fit.

In this case, the Angels decided that number was $510,000.

Trout won't have any trouble putting food on his table, and he's already getting some quality endorsement deals, so he certainly won't go broke. But in terms of value, the Angels are getting a pretty great deal.

At the end of the day, no matter how much Landis whines and moans about it, this is business as usual in Major League Baseball. Young players make ridiculously small amounts of money compared to their veteran counterparts, and there's really nothing they can do about it, unless the team decides to charitably give them extra cash.

Trout WILL cash in at some point. He doesn't need to worry about it. It's just not the time, quite yet.
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3/7/13   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2790 respect

For a young man, who last time I checked still lived at home, his bank account will be fine until he signs his big contracts in the future.

3/5/13   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

And that is the way it should be.  One monster season does NOT warrant a monster contract.  If he continues to be great over the next few years he will clean up either with a long term deal or certainly in arbitration.