Milanís Passionate Charismatic Nesta reveals facts about his exodus from Lazio

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There are few people on the pitch that can school the prodigal Lionel Messi the way he schooled last night by AC Milan legend Alessandro Nesta. The Italian maestro had Messi in his pocket for the night and that ultimately stopped Barcelona from scoring.
The Rossoneri were facing the Catalans at San Siro for the first leg of their Champions League tie. Well, the first episode of their quarterfinal clash ended with a goalless draw; mostly because of pathetic pitch and the Italian ideology of defending which is quite similar to parking a bus in front of goal posts.
Nonetheless, AC Milan played brilliantly against Barcelona. It was a treat to see their defense work so magnificently. Nesta’s performance was exceptional. The 36-year-old centre-back was playing beyond his age and proved to be an impregnable wall till an injury forced him to the bench.
Over the years, Nesta has truly become a legend for the Rossoneri. It is hard to believe that such a passionate and charismatic player was once thrown out of Lazio. In a recent interview, Nesta reminisced about the incident back in time.
Nesta revealed that he wasn’t allowed to pack up his belongings after he was informed that the Biancocelesti were going to offload him with immediate effect. Nesta also revealed that he was still bitter over the way Lazio portrayed him as a traitor following his departure for AC Milan.
The former Italy international left Lazio for AC Milan in 2002. Since then, Lazio supporters have criticized and lambasted against Nesta for deserting them. Meanwhile, Nesta maintains that he left Lazio for the good of the club. Back then Lazio was experiencing a serious financial crisis.
“I would never have wanted to leave but the club had to raise cash and it all happened in such a hurry that I could not make a decision,” Nesta said in an interview to Sky Sport Italia. “I deserved more respect.

“Passing me off as a traitor hurt because the truth came out that Lazio was in debt and had to sell.

“I remember that day like it was yesterday. We were training in Formello and Massimo Cragnotti [son of former president Sergio] called us in because someone had to be sold.

“He handed me the phone and told me that I should agree [to a transfer] because Lazio needed money.

“He gave me no time to get my things and I ran to catch the plane to Milan.

“There was sort of presentation at San Siro before a friendly, and at one point I turned around to see [Hernan] Crespo: they had also sold him, to Inter!”
Nesta has appeared in 78 games for Italy. The 2006 World Cup winner has won two Champions League and two Serie A title in his time with AC Milan.
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