Mini skirts, Tiger Woods, and a Job Application

8/8/11 in Golf   |   Exley   |   16 respect

This week golf had one of its World Golf Championship events.  Not a major but definitely a big deal.  And Adam Scott happened to win, a guy with a great swing  who might now be a great player since he's gone to the long putter.  So the big story should be about Adam Scott right?  About his new putter?  About the way he might now win some majors?  About his maturity?  About his execution in the final round?  About how maybe, just maybe, he might be the next great golfer?  The next Tiger Woods?

Nope!  The big story is about Steve Williams, Adam Scott's caddy.  That's right, his caddy.  The guy who carries golf clubs for a living, the guy who rakes sand, the guy who picks up dirt and grass and puts it back to where it was before the club displaced it.  Now I'm not saying just anyone can caddy.  You have to carry the bag (which weighs about 42 pounds); you have to know where to stand (always to the front of your player); you have to measure distance ("what's my yardage?"); etcetera.  But it's not that hard.  I could caddy.  In fact, I have caddied.  Professionally even, as in a professional golf tournament.  So clearly it's not that hard.  And yet this week, one of golf's biggest weeks, with a victory by one of golf's many "next great things" the story is about a caddy.  I wonder why?

Oh right because Adam Scott's caddy is Tiger Woods' former caddy.  Now it all makes sense.  And that caddy's name?  Steve Williams.  Right, Steve Williams.  Stevie.  Sure we all know him.  Let me ask you this - can you even name another caddy?  The only one I can think of is the guy they call "Fluff".  And guess who he caddied for back in the 1990s?  That's right, Tiger Woods.

So yes Tiger has been a bit down and out these last two years and he has behaved badly off the course and played badly on it (maybe karma really is a bitch).  But let's not forget who made golf what it is today, with its mind-numbing purses and special channels and extended t.v. coverage.  It's Tiger.  The great Tiger Woods.  The once in a generation, the once in ten generations, Tiger Woods.  And now that Tiger is healthy, and now that Tiger is done apologizing to his icy ex-wife (a decent looking girl I'll admit, but a former nanny for crying out loud), now that Tiger is again scanning the galleries for mini skirts and the thighs they reveal... well, Tiger will start winning again.  You may not like him but you cannot deny his greatness.  

And oh yeah, I hear he needs a caddy.  I've got experience and a desire to work hard.  Do you think he'll take my call?   

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