Minnesota Twins Early Season Report

4/10/08 in MLB   |   Jengirrl   |   6930 respect

     Well, after the first nine games, the Minnesota Twins are right in the middle of the pack, with a record of 4-5.  One of the team's biggest question marks, the starting pitching, is definitely in flux; all four wins have been recorded by two of the starters--Livan Hernandez and Scott Baker, each at 2-0.  Boof Bonser has looked adequate, although, in his defense, he hasn't gotten a lot of run support in his first two starts.  Another starter, Nick Blackburn, has exceeded expectations, while Kevin Slowey has already incurred arm problems, and will miss at least one start(if not go to the 15-day DL).  The Twins refuse to rush 2006's phenom, Francisco Liriano, up to pitch in the majors, which is a good thing, as I feel that it is highly unlikely that the Twins will see postseason action this year, and should stay with the plan for getting better for 2009(and, more likely, when the new park opens in 2010).


     The offense, just when it looked to be off to a slow start, erupted for 12 runs last night in a win in Chicago; Jason Kubel, who was penciled in to platoon at DH at the start of the year, hit a grand slam, and drove in six runs.  Carlos Gomez, the 22 year-old acquired in the Johan Santana deal, has speed to burn, and while he will make mistakes, I have no problems with him staying with the big club, as long as he can hit .250 or better, which he is doing so far (.316, with 5 SB's).


     In summary, things might not be as dreary as they seemed with Santana, Silva, and Garza leaving the starting staff, and if the Twins can patch together reasonable starting pitching to get to what I feel is still a strength(their bullpen, and closer Joe Nathan(and his new 4 year extension), the Twins will at least be entertaining this year, even if making the playoffs might be too much to hope for.

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