Minnesota Vikings have finally released Caleb King from their roster

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Blog Photo - Minnesota Vikings have finally released Caleb King from their roster
The Minnesota Vikings have done what few NFL teams have the heart to do. The Minnesota Vikings have officially announced that the exit of their star running back Caleb King, after he was released earlier this week.
Before news of Caleb King released hit the mainstream media, Caleb King was arrested on charges of third-degree assault. A substantial amount of evidence and body harm was also stacked against him, nonetheless Caleb King managed to wriggle out the situation.
However, the incident once again let the Minnesota Vikings fans to wonder how long it will be before Caleb King released from the roster. Well, it seemed like Caleb King drew the last straw with this situation.
Many analysts were in favor of throwing Caleb King out of the Minnesota Vikings roster. Therefore, when Caleb King released there wasn’t a huge shock in the football community.
An NFL analyst was earlier quoted saying that “it wasn’t a matter of what Caleb King does but rather a matter of time before he makes himself embarrassed and alone at Minnesota”. Well, it appears his prediction was true after all.
Caleb King spent most of his first year with the Minnesota Vikings on the practice squad. Caleb King became part of Minnesota Vikings roster after going undrafted in the 2011 supplemental draft.
Before Caleb King released from the Minnesota Vikings and became involved in acts of imploding his career, the 24-year-old was considered to be a hidden talent by many NFL analysts. This is why many Minnesota Vikings fans were hoping see his career unfold.
Many analysts were hoping to analyze Caleb King’s work on field but his short lived career with Minnesota Vikings didn’t give them the chance. For now Caleb King’s future ends with a big question mark?
Reports have confirmed that Caleb King was arrested after he fractured the skull of another man at a party on early Saturday morning.
The victim, Andrew Hayek was immediately sent for medical attention. Hayek’s sister later told media that he was “doing better”. Hayek’s sister also revealed that Caleb King attacked after Andrew Hayek told him that he resembled Eddie Murphy.
Caleb King was released from jail on Tuesday. According to an insider, charges against Caleb King have not been formally field by the county attorney’s office yet. Apparently, the county attorney’s office is conducting more investigating on the issue.
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