Misty May-Treanor is coming to Motowm--Merry Christmas to all Tiger Fans!

12/18/08 in MLB   |   gobigblue1960   |   4803 respect

After two dissapointing seasons, my beloved Detroit Tigers are burning up the HOT STOVE LEAGUE!! Forget about C.C. and A.J. going to the Yanks, or were Mark Texiera will end up, the Tigers have added 2 time Gold Medal Champion MISTY MAY-TREANOR to the motown family!O.K., the team really signed her husband, catcher Matt Treanor, a fine defensive player, but come on, that means Misty will be @ some games..hey, i need to check the 2009 schedule for the Tigers spring training games. Congratulations to G.M. Dave Dombowski and the Detroit front office on stealing the Yankees thunder today, and hope they added extra phone lines for the sure to be deluge of ticket sales for next year! Seriously, though, as a fan of all Detroit's proffessional teams, we know that in reallity, we cannot expect anything like the Sabathia/Burnett signings by the Yankees, or the player i think the Tigers really need--firstbaseman Mark Texiera.That said, i do think the Tigers have helped themselves this off season defensively, with the acquisitions of catcher Bruce Laird from Texas, and ss Abam Everett from the Twins. Both are healthy againn, and Everett's .976 fielding percentage shows he will help the Tigers woefull defense. Detroit has also signed 14 game winner Edwin Jackson, who pitched a personal best 183 1/3 innings for the A.L. champion Rays last year, and is only 25. I'm sure the Tigers aren't done yet, but i applaud them for making this fan of 40+years very happy today..Thanks, Dave!
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