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Can the Jets stop Matt Ryan and the Falcons? [MNF Live Thread]

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If there's one thing that can make Monday worth it, it's MNF! The NFL really knew what they were doing when they set that whole thing up, didn't they?

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My Pick: Falcons

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The Falcons were *thisclose* to beating the Patriots last week. They were *thisclose* to winning against the Saints, and they were *thisclose* to defeating Miami. Obviously, the Falcons are a better team than their record shows.

Meanwhile, the Jets, despite finally having Sanchez sidelined and all but gone from the franchise, are still struggling both offensively and on defense. Geno Smith may be the future of the team, but he's making the expected rookie mistakes. Their defense has been stingy against the run, and with Steven Jackson still out, that doesn't bode well for Atlanta's rushing game. 

They're also in Atlanta, and the Jets haven't been doing too well on the road this season. I'm not so sure the Jets have what it takes to defend the Falcons explosive (if struggling) offense. Atlanta's defense is less of a force, but with the mess that the Jets offense is again this season, that may not be an issue.

On paper, it seems as if this matchup is just what Atlanta needs to get back on track. We all know how well paper translates on the field though. Will both of these teams walk out of this game with a 2-3 record, or will the Jets be over .500? 

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I am thinking yes. 


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Oh my...this ending...

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I've become acutely aware that all of my picks this year have still primarily been based on last year's teams. Oye...