Mourinho accepts failure in fielding the best Chelsea team

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Blog Photo - Mourinho accepts failure in fielding the best Chelsea team
Frowns crown Jose Mourinho after Chelsea’s shocking 2-0 loss to Newcastle United at St. James’ Park on Saturday. The Portuguese manager claims he no longer understands which players will give him the best results on the field.
Mourinho, who claims to have made “11 mistakes” in his team selection against Newcastle, is aiming for redemption from Chelsea fans in the upcoming Champions League battle against Schalke at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night. Mourinho has promised to shake things up for the Blues to give the fans a reason to cheer for and the players a healthy morale boost.
“I will make changes,” Mourinho told Chelsea’s official website. “Not 11 changes because that would be too much, but changes for sure. I don’t know my best team because we have this kind of performance. I know basically which is my best team, but it depends on the way we perform because performances and result push you for decisions.
“You have to know why you win, and you don’t win by a miracle. You win by effort, you win by commitment, you win by ambition, you win by quality and you win by expressing yourself individually but in the team context.
“You have to know why you win and I tell my players every time I can, every time I have meetings with them: ‘Don’t forget why you are getting results’. We are in a stable position to qualify in the Champions League, but if we lose against Schalke we are in a difficult position, so Wednesday is an important game for us.”
Defeat at the hands of the Toons has set off alarm bells in London. Mourinho admits he is shocked by Chelsea’s away form. The former Real Madrid manager confesses that work needs to be done in order to put Chelsea back on track after giving away Arsenal a five-point lead in the Premier League.
 “At home, five games, five victories -- and, away, five matches, one victory, two defeats,” Mourinho said. “We can also say that we played away in very difficult stadiums. We played at Man United, Tottenham, Newcastle and Everton -- we played in probably the most difficult places to go -- but I have to analyze it by another perspective which is the perspective of why we don’t do better, and why especially on Saturday, because that was the worst.
“Against Everton we were really unlucky because we had a fantastic first half and in the second half we had a clear penalty for us and the referee didn’t give it. At Newcastle, we had the kind of match we have to analyze deeply because it was the worst.”
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