Mourinho apologizes Pellegrini for taunting celebrations

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Blog Photo - Mourinho apologizes Pellegrini for taunting celebrations
Jose Mourinho was the center of controversy after Chelsea’s electrifying late win over Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. The Portuguese tactician jumped out from his chair to celebrate with Chelsea supporters behind the Manchester City dugout after Fernando Torres scored in injury time to give the home side a 2-1 victory.
Apparently, the Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini was offended by Mourinho’s behavior, considering his celebrations to be taunts towards the opposition. Mourinho insists his celebrations were not done deliberately to taunt Manuel Pellegrini.
The Chilean boss of Eastlands was visibly disgruntled by Mourinho’s actions. Pellegrini even avoided shaking Mourinho’s hand after the final whistle was blown. Mourinho rubbished suggestion that he was being disrespectful saying he was only trying to find his son in the crowd.
“I think Chelsea are guilty because I want to buy a season ticket for my son and they give season tickets for my son behind the opponent's dugout,” Mourinho said. “They have to change and give my kid tickets behind my dugout. I went for him, I went for him, I promise that I went for him and next match you will see him there again.
“This is the drama of the last minute. I beat Manchester City in the last minute with Real Madrid [3-2 in last season's Champions League], I slid on my knees and I destroyed my trousers. If they [City] believe that my son is there, great. If they don't believe, I apologize if they feel I did something wrong.”
Pellegrini, who went straight down the tunnel after the match ended, admitted he didn’t want to shake Mourinho’s hand after the game. However, the former Real Madrid manager admitted he understood Mourinho’s celebrations.
“I don't expect a different way to celebrate from him. It's normal,” Pellegrini said. “No, I didn't shake [his] hand. I didn't want [to].”
Mourinho added that he wasn’t troubled with Pellegrini’s anger, although he hoped things would have gone the other way.
“He lost the game in the last minute and I have sympathy with that,” Mourinho said. “In other cultures and other countries we shake hands before the game and that's enough.
“At the end of the game we don't. In Madrid, normally I never did it so I don’t feel it is a lack of respect. If he was sad because of the result I understand, if he was sad thinking I did something wrong, I accept that too, so no problem.”
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