Mourinho claims Chelsea are “forgetting” it isn’t “easy” to win

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Blog Photo - Mourinho claims Chelsea are “forgetting” it isn’t “easy” to win
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has warned his men about complacency and overconfidence. The Stamford Bridge boss believes his side is “forgetting” about the qualities and hard work that guided Chelsea towards an impressive winning streak. After winning six straight games, Chelsea stumbled to a 2-0 defeat at St James’ Park last Saturday.
Mourinho feels his side were starting to feel that winning was “easy”. The Portuguese tactician believes a reality-check was becoming necessary for his side. Mourinho also talked about his halftime advice to players in the match against Newcastle United.
“At half time I was telling them that they were competing more in training sessions than in that game, that the game was easy to win and they were feeling that because they had lots of space to play in the first half and they were just playing like: 'The goal will arrive. We don’t need to push, we don’t need to be aggressive, the goal will arrive',” Mourinho said.
“When you go into this dynamic, it’s difficult to change, even if at half time you push and you try to wake up people. When you start the game and play 45 minutes with that dynamic, or if you prefer, that non-dynamic, it’s difficult to change, so I was just telling them.
“Maybe you score and you win but maybe you don’t score and you draw and if they score before you, you are in big trouble because you cannot change that dynamic and so my frustration was just the attitude.”
Mourinho understands that losing to Newcastle United is simply unacceptable. Mourinho further said that he wasn’t “unhappy” about losing to Everton since he knew his side played well in the game.
“I want my team to be much more than it was against Newcastle so, for example, against Everton I lost and I was not so unhappy,” Mourinho said. “We lost because we were not lucky. We play really, really well and we couldn’t score.
“They scored in the last minute of the first half, in the second half we [should have had] a clear penalty, that the referee didn’t give. Against Everton, I have not one single complaint. I accept it as a football match and can happen.”
“This match against Newcastle, I was frustrated, because I want my team to always be active and proactive and not reactive and waiting for things to happen. I just simply didn’t like. I want better from my team.”
Chelsea will get a shot at redemption in the Champions League game against Schalke 04 on Wednesday. In the league Chelsea will face West Bromwich Albion this weekend. 
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