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Mourinho laments over Chelsea’s poor form and ask for patience

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Blog Photo - Mourinho laments over Chelsea’s poor form and ask for patience
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho admits he won’t be able to turn around the club’s fate instantly. The Portuguese tactician claims his new style of play is different from what he traditionally goes for which is why it will take time to settle in. Mourinho, who made an instant impact during his first spell at Chelsea in 2004, has been under pressure by media and fans to show good results.
With an unceremonious start to the season, Mourinho has a lot to prove. Almost a decade ago, Mourinho jumped into the Premier League title and immediately took Chelsea to the top, consequently helping them win the league title. Therefore, the expectations from the former Inter Milan and Real Madrid manager are very high.
Mourinho opted to create a powerful and agile team during his first spell, but now the self-proclaimed “Chosen One” has gone for a more nimble approach. It appears as if Mourinho’s time in Spain has changed his thinking about football.
“No, this is not 2004 all over again,” Mourinho said. “This team has a different profile and we are not unbeatable. I came here to work with time, to develop the players and play the best they and we can.
“There were some fast combinations (at Everton) and it was very nice to see, but it is also very nice when the ball touches the net. We have what we have. We have to work this way and, one day, we are going to score four or five.
“We have to be effective, be adult and not naive. We have to transform the beautiful football we played into goals.
“The players did not lose the game tactically, they lost it emotionally,” Mourinho said about defeat to Everton. “Tactically, they knew what they had to do with three at the back. They know the distance they can go. Emotionally, it is different. You see your watch ticking down and it goes very fast when you are losing. They lost a little bit of emotional control.
“Who is going to win it. (Eden) Hazard? Oscar? (Juan) Mata? There was too much emotion and not enough football.”
Mourinho also defended his decision to send Romelu Lukaku to Everton on a season long loan deal. Mourinho also denied suggestion that Lukaku was Didier Drogba of an early age.
“No, no. They are not the same profile,” Mourinho said. “It is one thing to be the same kind of body, it is another to be the same kind of player. They are completely different. Drogba made his history in here and Drogba is gone. Now there is no Drogba. I enjoyed that period of my career but that period has gone. There is no way back.”
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